MONT - Going Up

M.O.N.T (몬트) – Pain in the rain

Album: Going up
Lyrics: 지병주
Composition: 이주호, 이주현, 최희찬, 로이
Arrangement: 이주호, 이주현, 최희찬, 로이
Release date: 2019.01.04


Mmm… I’m alright
It’s raining outside
Just like I wished
My brain is washed

I’ll let you go
coz I know
that you don’t need my umbrella

I’m turning around
And around
I’d be living on memories of you
Still stuck in the moment with you

Turn around
And around
Can you stop this rain from falling down
You can stop these tears from falling
Down only you

I’m not alright
It’s raining inside
more than ever
last forever

You can fly away
coz I know
That you don’t need my propeller

Wish I knew If I could
Be the one that you would
love again

And I know you’ve never
seen the one that break up
with again

Always I love you love you love you
Always I need you need you need you

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